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Hakam Fire & Security offers a wide range of fire protection and safety solutions services for commercial, medical and industrial in Maryland. From installation, system design, to testing and repairs, we go above and beyond.





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Hakam delivers fire, security, and safety services with superior performance.

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Hakam delivers fire, security, and safety services with superior performance.


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Have Questions?

Between your fire sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, fire alarms and exit lights, it’s imperative you keep your systems in proper working order at all times. Here are some frequenly asked question we receive from clients.


Fire sprinkler heads are typical in high-density, light-hazard environments, including hospitals, assisted living facilities, office buildings, and schools.
They are also often installed in residences.
Sprinklers respond faster to the flames below by activating at a lower temperature than SR sprinklers. There is a tiny bulb that allow the liquid inside to expand and break the glass quickly. 
Fire extinguisher inspections are required once a month to make sure there is no obvious damage to the device and the fire extinguisher pressure is adequate.

When properly maintained, a good fire alarm will last you about 10 – 12 years. After this long you should have your fire alarms replaced, even if they seem to be working – you don’t want to compromise your building’s fire safety. 

The purpose of automatic fire suppression is to extinguish fires with no human intervention. This requires the system to detect fires and deliver an extinguishing agent all on its own. Heat detectors and thermo-bulbs are conventional methods of fire detection. Then, pressurized fluid stored in nearby tanks flows through a release valve, into piping, and out of nozzles to douse the fire quickly and effectively.

Many different extinguishing agents besides water are available for fire suppression systems. Therefore, this type of fire protection is ideal for libraries, museums, data centers, server rooms, medical record rooms, engine compartments, control rooms, and other areas where water damage could be detrimental. Examples of fire suppression extinguishing agents include FM-200, high- and low-expansion foam, carbon dioxide, wet chemicals, and dry chemicals. The type you select depends on the application.

No matter what extinguishing agent you choose, the goal is the same—to disrupt the fire triangle. This is accomplished by either smothering the flames to cool them or cutting off the fuel source from oxygen.

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